INSIDER COLUMN: Lessons Learned

Is it just possible that we are learning the lessons of 2020?I’m hopeful. 

Minneapolis has learned that calling for defunding the police is a lot easier than implementing the idea. 

Seattle is learning that allowing protests but cracking down on outside worship is not going to work. 

The White House even got in on the act as Kayleigh McEnany, when asked about the president’s campaign rallies, referred to them as “peaceful protests.” 

People are learning the lessons, too. 

When cities, counties and even private business decided mask mandates were the way to go, we either complied or changed where we went based on our own discretion. 

While the governments seem to hold to the restrictive ideas, those businesses quickly decided enforcement would hurt instead of help. 

2020 has lessons; let’s hope we’re learning them. 

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