WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY: Riots, Resignations and Rethinking

It appears riots are causing several things across the country.Sheriffs are changing political parties, police chiefs are resigning and elected and appointed officials are reacting emotionally as opposed to actually responding with solutions.So are the rest of us.

A group of Seattle worshipers turned the city’s attitude toward protests to its advantage.The Oscars no longer seek the best of the best.The Academy only wants the best of those who comply with social justice rules while being creative.

Schools may have just what the education establishment wanted- access to and control in your very home!IN A HANDBASKET will take us there.

Along with those stories, it’s WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY and you can introduce any topic you choose when you call the show today.321-768-1240 puts you in the driver’s seat on BML.


How the riots can change American politics


In a Handbasket: Kid suspended for offense in his home during online school



Rochester Police Chief resigns- elected officials mishandling things

Officials reacting to emotion is a problem- sometimes having good results

Oscars now for most PC “Best Picture”

Seattle worshipers turn city rules on the town


Defending your ex-boss while ignoring the facts

BPS missing 1600 student laptops

Contract talks under way…MORE money?

“Daddy Corcoran” Scolds Brevard for KJ issues

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