United Airlines used to claim being the “friendly skies.”American is now making a name for itself that is not as likely to be so friendly.Corporations play a dangerous game when they focus on social issues instead of the business of their business.

IN A HANDBASKET we’ll see that Rachel Dolezal was small potatoes when it comes to impersonating a black woman.And now, those “black studies” students are questioning the education they got from the white gal!

It seems that Old Glory is not as offensive as one grocery chain believed it to be!

If you allow the enemy to dictate the rules of engagement you are bound to lose your encounter.

You must now know every language on Earth and not sound offensive when speaking or teaching it!

You may be online for school, but that camera goes both ways and you are in BIG TROUBLE, mister!

Apparently not in big trouble is Brevard County Commission Chair Bryan Lober whose extortion plot directed at area hospital groups continues.One hospital has decided to cave to the less than honorable demands.


The politics of flying


In a Handbasket: Rachel Dolezal had nothing on this chick!



That Offensive American Flag

When the enemy dictates terms of engagement- you lose!

Now you must know and understand EVERY language on Earth!

Kid suspended for offense in his home during online school

Kids being rescued- Operation Homecoming


Lober continues extortion, Parrish caves to it

Space Force- too many chiefs, not enough Indians?

BPS missing 1600 student laptops

“Daddy Corcoran” Scolds Brevard for KJ issues

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