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Sixty Brevard County Jail Inmates Infected With Coronavirus

(Sharpes, FL) -- COVID-19 is responsible for sickening dozens of inmates in the Brevard County Jail. Sheriff Wayne Ivey announced this week that 60 inmates and 17 employees have been infected since the pandemic started. The good news is almost all have recovered. 

Teen Arrested For Cyber Attack On Miami-Dade School System

(Miami, FL) -- A teenager appears to be behind the online attack on Miami-Dade County Public Schools. Police yesterday arrested 16-year-old David Oliveros for the cyber attack that disrupted online learning this week in the school district. A district official says investigators were able to trace the attack to his IP address at his home. The junior at South Miami High School is facing a felony charge for eight alleged cyber attacks on the district.Investigators believe there may have been other hackers based overseas.

New FL Jobless Claims Hit New Pandemic Low

(Tallahassee, FL) -- First-time unemployment claims are at their lowest level in Florida since the start of the pandemic. Data from U.S. Labor Department shows that about 39-thousand initial claims for jobless benefits were filed last week in the Sunshine State. That's a drop of about 12-thousand from the previous week. Since March, more than three-point-eight million Floridians have filed for unemployment. They have been paid more than 14-point-seven-billion dollars in state and federal pandemic benefits.

Law School Graduates Must Take Bar Exam to Practice Law

(Tampa, FL) -- Law school graduates will still be required to pass the Florida Bar exam to practice law despite the test being postponed twice this summer. The Florida Supreme Court issued an order Thursday in response to a petition filed by dozens of lawyers on behalf of the graduates who wanted the testing requirement lifted for this year. In a joint opinion, the justices say the exam is an essential part of the Court's oversight to ensure lawyers have adequate knowledge to practice law in Florida. The in-person exam in July was converted to shortened, online format. However, glitches in the software used to administer the exam caused it to be postponed in July and August.

Cubs Bringing A Sportsbook To Wrigley Field

(Chicago, IL) -- Buy me some peanuts and cracker jack and ... bets on baseball? That's what the Chicago Cubs plan to do as they're bringing a sportsbook to iconic Wrigley Field. The multi-year, 100-million-dollar contract is with DraftKings. There are still a few steps to go in actually getting the sportsbook to Wrigley. Those include regulatory approval and the city of Chicago giving the OK for it to be built.

Two Live Bombs In Sacramento River

(Sacramento River, CA) -- A fisherman is safe after accidentally catching two bombs in the Sacramento River. John Kenyon says he thought the bombs were an anchor but quickly realized it was really two bombs. The Shasta County Bomb Squad successfully detonated the bombs.  Kenyon believes other anglers may have been using the bombs to try and catch more fish. 


1957, the first Edsel rolled off the assembly line. The car featured 27 items not included on any other cars. Among the items featured were cruise control, electric door locks and four headlights.

1888, the name Kodak was registered to George Eastman of Rochester, New York. Eastman also earned a patent for his hand-held roll-film camera.

1882, Thomas Edison displayed the first practical electrical lighting system with a demonstration on one square mile of New York City.

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