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Arrests Made In Cocoa Murder

(Cocoa, FL) -- Social media is credited with helping police apparently solve a murder in Brevard County. Cocoa's Nitekka Lennear was killed Tuesday at the Candlewood Apartments on Fiske Boulevard in a shooting that was live streamed on Facebook. Cocoa Police say the 27-year-old was filming as she confronted a former girlfriend identified as 21-year-old Aniyah Thomas and Thomas' girlfriend, Leniquea Byrd. Police say Byrd shot Lennear as Thomas can be heard on video telling Byrd to pull the trigger.  

Child Porn Suspect Extradited To Volusia County

(DeLand, FL) -- After a six-year international legal battle, a former Marine will finally face child porn charges in Volusia County. DeLand's Sebastian Day was extradited yesterday from St. Lucia where he fled in 2014. The 27-year-old was wanted for over two dozen counts of child porn possession, but the sheriff's office says St. Lucia wouldn't extradite him because such acts were not illegal there. The Caribbean nation changed that law two years ago, though, and Day's extradition was approved last month. 

Cyber Attacks On Miami-Dade Schools Continue

(Miami, FL) -- Hackers continue to frustrate the Miami-Dade County school system. Yesterday, for the third straight day, the district's online learning platform, K12, was hit by cyber attacks. One official counted 12 attacks yesterday. The district announced last night that it has suspended use of the online learning platform. Instead, students and teachers in grades 6-through-12 are to use Zoom or Microsoft Teams, but Pre-K through fifth graders can still use K12. Superintendent Alberto Carvalho says a decision on K12's future will be made by next Friday.

TPD Chief And Tampa Mayor Discuss Task Force Findings

(Tampa, FL) -- Some changes are coming to how Tampa Police operate. Police Chief Brian Dugan and Tampa Mayor Jane Castor yesterday discussed the recent findings of a task force. Fifty task force members came up with 17 suggestions to improve police interactions with the public. Dugan says officers will be trained to de-escalate situations, and 40 officers will start foot patrols in neighborhoods later this month. 

An Official "Back to the Future" Cookbook Is Coming Next Month

(Undated) -- Kitchens across the nation are going "Back to the Future." A new cookbook is coming out with 65 recipes inspired by the classic movie. It starts in 1985 and goes through all the time periods that Marty McFly and Doc Brown traveled to during the trilogy. That includes 1955, 2015 from the sequel and 1885 from the third movie. "The Official Hill Valley Cookbook" hits bookshelves October 27th.


2019, Walmart announced it planned on stop selling handguns and some ammunition. The company also asked customers not to open carry guns inside their stores. This comes after the El Paso Walmart Shooting.

2015, Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis was jailed for contempt of court for refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses. 

1939, Britain and France declared war on Germany. The declaration came just two days after the Nazi invasion of Poland.

1783, the Revolutionary War ended with the signing of the Treaty of Paris by Great Britain and the United States.

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