Relationships, humor and now jobs- the things being wiped out by cancel culture.The social engineering doctrine must be followed or else and there is no consideration of the damage done.That damage is vast.

IN A HANDBASKET is where we find parents of students this morning.They are not wanted in the one place that used to clamor for their involvement- education.Now that classes are online and parents can have direct interaction with a child’s education, the education wonks don’t want the parents playing along.

We are education heavy on this WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY with several stories indicating we should not trust the education establishment.One example is the spin put out by Edgewood Jr/Sr High School and their inconsistent statement as they bow to political correctness in their proposed mascot change.Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran has scolded Brevard Schools as if he’s their daddy over a years old incident that has been long settled. Brevard Schools are missing some 1600 student laptops after the online close to the last school year.There is also the battle between the state and the teachers’ union over who says schools must be open.

As we finish catching me up from vacation, it’s your last day this week to bring up any topic you like when you call the show.321.768.1240 puts your thoughts in play on today’s BML.


Cancel Culture Killing relationships (& humor)


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BPS missing 1600 student laptops

Edgewood Inconsistent in Statement on Mascot Change

“Daddy Corcoran” Scolds Brevard for KJ issues

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