When a Commissioner Tries to Extort a Hospital

From Kenosha, Wisconsin to Viera and Melbourne we’re still playing catch up on events from last week.Details about the shooting “victim” in Kenosha change the narrative quite a bit.It seems the mainstream media is not doing a lot of actual reporting.

IN A HANDBASKET tells us it may be a good idea to choose a doctor now if you’ve not done so.It seems future doctors may not be as focused on medicine as you’d like them to be.

What happens when an elected official tries to extort the largest healthcare empire in Brevard? We’re still waiting to see.Seems while I was out D2 County Commissioner Bryan Lober, the current chair of the commission decided to fire off a letter to Health First threatening their potential award of CARES funds should they not spend it the way he would dictate.It appears the lawyer/commissioner threatened the hospital giant with the power of his office should they not comply with his desires on how the money should be spent.Health First did not take the bullying lying down.

And that leads me to an opinion piece on The Constitution and why Brevard is not the conservative county we all like to think it is.

Those things said, there was a lot going on during my vacation and we have not even thought about touching the education issues yet.While I’m leaving those for tomorrow, we’ll still WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY this Tuesday and let you introduce any topic you like as we catch up on news and events.

321.768.1240 puts your thoughts in play on today’s BML.


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