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Brevard Man Accused Of Stalking Underage Girl

(Cocoa, FL) -- A Brevard County man is facing disturbing charges involving an underage girl. Cocoa Police last week arrested Angel Vazquez-Cotto for allegedly stalking a 12-year-old girl. The girl claims the 28-year-old has been stalking her for months, and he has been seen outside her home trying to talk to her. He's facing a felony charge, and he could get five years in prison if convicted.

Restaurants Reopen In Miami-Dade County

(Miami, FL) -- Life around Miami-Dade County may feel a bit more normal. Restaurants and casinos were allowed to reopen yesterday but with restrictions. Owners and customers were both happy to be back, and Magic City Casino says there was a line outside the door when it opened. One customer tells Local 10 News they were glad to see so much work being put into complying with social distancing.   

White House Coronavirus Advisor Praises Florida Decision To Reopen Schools

(Tallahassee, FL) -- One of President Trump's coronavirus task force advisors is praising Florida's decision to reopen schools amid the pandemic. Dr. Scott Atlas, who is a proponent of herd immunity, joined Governor Ron DeSantis and other state officials yesterday at an education roundtable discussion in Tallahassee. Atlas says COVID-19 poses a low risk to healthy children going to school. Florida Education Commissioner estimates there is a 60-40 split between parents choosing in-person and online learning for their children.

School Year Gets Off To Rocky Start In Miami-Dade County

(Miami, FL) -- The school year is off to a rocky start in Miami-Dade County. Classes resumed yesterday, online-only, but many students and teachers couldn't access the district's online platform. Teachers and parents tell NBC 6 it was a disaster and an absolute mess. Superintendent Alberto Carvalho acknowledged it was an extremely trying day, but he said last night the problems have been identified and resolved. 

Gas Prices Unchanged In Florida Despite Hurricane Laura Impact On Gulf Coast

(Tampa, FL) -- Gas prices are holding steady in Florida. This, despite Hurricane Laura making landfall along the Louisiana and Texas coast, where Florida and other states get their gasoline supplies. According to Triple-A, the statewide average for a gallon of regular was unchanged in the past week at two-dollars-seven-cents. The auto club says pump prices have not moved much, most likely due to a lower demand because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Study Finds Pot Use On The Rise Among Older Adults

(Undated) -- More baby boomers are smoking pot. A new study reveals marijuana use is on the rise among older adults in the U.S. Researchers at the University of Massachusetts Medical School say the findings appear to reflect changing attitudes toward the drug across the country. Men ages 60 to 64 reported the highest rates with more than 12 percent saying they used the drug in the past month. There was less change in use among women. The study noted increased marijuana use by older adults both in states where it's legal and where it's not.


2019, the co-founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, had his Twitter account hacked.

1989, new cars were required to have an air bag on the driver side because of new regulations.

1939, World War Two began when Nazi troops and planes invaded Poland.

1862, the first federal tax was imposed on tobacco.

1752, the Liberty Bell arrived in Philadelphia.

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