While America Burned- Bill Took Vacation!

It sure was a busy week for me to be gone.The RNC was inspirational, Kenosha, WI burned down over a false, cop-hating narrative causing nearly every professional sports league to disrupt its season to hate on the cops and the left is seeing that their nominee is not only hapless, but helpless heading into November.

I know you’ve been bottled up wanting to speak out and this week we’ll give you that chance.We’ll keep the conversation WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY style through at least Wednesday so you can weigh in on all those things that caught your attention while I was out.Oh, I have my list that is broken down by POLITICS, SOCIAL ISSUES, FLORIDA & BREVARD and the FLORIDA AMENDMENTS, but I only grabbed the highlights while I was away.

So, what is it that had you fuming, celebrating or thinking last week?Let’s hear it:321.768.1240.


Tim Scott- line of the convention!


In a Handbasket: Triggered by Punctuation!



Maher seeing a Trump win

Despite dirty tricks black R wins Congressional nomination

Seattle Mayor vetoes defunding police

Ohio thinks of impeaching governor over orders

Shooting at rival political supporters


VA Puts Cops at More Risk

Banning parents from online classes

We can’t trust education

Cancel Culture Killing relationships (& humor)

Better pick a doctor now, future ones aren’t focused on medicine

Details from Kenosha


Bryan Lober shows idiocy in extortion attempt of Health First

Unions Win School Closure Suit…sort of

BPS missing 1600 student laptops

Edgewood Inconsistent in Statement on Mascot Change

“Daddy Corcoran” Scolds Brevard for KJ issues

Why Brevard is NOT Conservative


Amendment 1-Only a Citizen

Amendment 2- $15/hour

Amendment 3- Open Primaries

Amendment 4- Double Approval for Amendments

Amendment 5- More Time for Save Our Homes Transfer

Amendment 6- Tax Discount for Veterans’ Spouses

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