Brevard Voted…it’s a mixed bag

While unofficial, the Primary Election is done.There were good results and some that make you wonder.One thing is clear; Brevard is not as conservative as we’d like to think.Supervisor of Elections Lori Scott joins us to begin hour three with our Primary Election update.Here is the results page from

We’ll delve into the election results beginning in our 7am hour.As we being our day we’ll teach a bad guy a lesson about pointing his gun at a mama bear’s kids.In a Handbasket will take us into the matrix with a third choice.

Also in play are the dirty games played by Republicans in the Primary and why we deserve to lose. BLM has attacked a police union leader’s home with acts of intimidation and threats to his wife.The RNC will be a bit different than the DNC has been.It had better be.

And, it’s WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY and you may take us anywhere you like because today, if it’s on your mind- it’s on Bill Mick LIVE.


Don’t take on Mama, even if you had a gun


In a Handbasket: The red pill, the blue pill or…the compliance pill?


BLM & the Police Union leader’s wife

RNC will highlight issues from the left

We like to blame the other side, but Republicans are BAD as well

Portland DA won’t press charges on rioters

Austin, Texas defunding police- that’s helpful

NYPD union endorses the president

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