What Will It Be? Anarchy or Law?

It’s Election Day!Supervisor of Elections Lori Scott joins us to begin hour three with our Primary Election update.

Speaking of elections, NY City officials are not happy.The NYPD Union has endorsed President Trump’s reelection.And while we like to blame Democrats for political shenanigans, Republican hands are far from clean.That’s true in fighting the Dems and in fighting each other.

We’ll begin our day with THE battle going on in the USA today:Anarchy vs Law.It’s still up in the air in Philadelphia.IN A HANDBASKET takes us to a pair of Pennsylvania school districts that are teaching kids to hate themselves- and for no reason.

We’ll wrap up our look at the revolution in the country and what we can do to stop it.And, provided we have time, the politics of politics will show us that those craving power don’t care what they have to do or say to get or maintain it.


What wins, anarchy or law?


In a Handbasket:School program teaching self-hate


Portland DA won’t press charges on rioters

Austin, Texas defunding police- that’s helpful

NYPD union endorses the president

We like to blame the other side, but Republicans are BAD as well

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