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Pro-Police Rally Held In Melbourne

(Melbourne, FL) -- Sheriff Wayne Ivey wants those who support the police to speak up. A pro-police rally was held yesterday in Melbourne at the Honor America Liberty Bell museum. About 300 people showed up and Melbourne Police Chief David Gillespie said it was great to see a large show of support. Sheriff Ivey urged attendees to stop being the silent majority and be the vocal majority.

Broward Parents Rally To Get Schools Reopened

(Fort Lauderdale, FL) -- Parents in Broward County want a choice in how classes are held this fall. A rally was held yesterday outside the school board building to get officials to reopen classrooms. The new school year starts Wednesday, but all classes will be held online. One student at the rally told NBC 6 she struggles with mental health issues, and school is her way of socializing and treating those issues.

Survey Finds Floridians Support A Statewide Mask Mandate

(Tampa, FL) -- There appears to be popular support for a statewide mask mandate. A new University of South Florida survey finds 87 percent support for a statewide mandate. It also found wide margins of support for closing schools, and a majority for re-closing restaurants, bars and beaches. Floridians are closely split on banning political rallies, though.

Missouri Home For Sale With Jail Basement

(Fayette, MO) -- A home is for sale in Missouri that used to be a jail. TMZ reports the two-bedroom-two-bathroom historic home in Fayette comes with nine working jail cells in its basement. The real estate agent Jeffrey Radel said the "possibilities are amazing" in the listing for the 1875 Howard County Sheriff's House and Jail. Radel said he didn't mean the space should still be used as a jail, but that the additional 25-hundred square feet is a lot of space to be reworked.  The home is for sale for 350-thousand-dollars.

California Man Shoots Himself In The Groin

(San Diego, CA) -- A California man is okay after accidentally shooting himself in the crotch. Vice reports the San Diego man is part of a Facebook group which is all about pointing loaded guns at their own genitalia. The man apparently posted a video showing himself aiming a .45-caliber M1911 semiautomatic at his groin before the gun goes off. He then posted bloody pictures, saying that he messed up and the bullet went through his scrotum. He went to a local hospital and was treated before the group made him an admin of the page. Members of the group reportedly praised the man, with one even creating a meme showing Barack Obama giving him a Presidential Medal of Freedom. 


1998, President Clinton, via closed-circuit TV, gave more than four hours of grand jury testimony in the Monica Lewinsky scandal. He later announced during a televised speech, quote, "I did have a relationship with Ms. Lewinsky that was not appropriate."

1969, the Woodstock Music and Arts festival near Bethel, New York came to an end. An estimated 400-thousand people attended the three-day festival.

1945, Korea is divided into North and South Korea along the 38 parallel.

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