Hey, mom! I’m going to Antifa at Sturgis today!

Today’s list of research material for the show is short.Oh, there was more.There was much more.But as this morning’s show came together it was clear that we won’t touch on more than a few of the items that came to my attention over the weekend.

I found it hilarious that Antifa decided to go to Sturgis. They were outmatched and they didn’t even get past the cops.I would have paid to see the Bikers vs Antifa battle just for the Mike Tyson-like first round knock out!

Is it time to start firing teachers?In Arizona it looks like it.There, one teachers’ union has shut down a school district with a sick out because they don’t want to go back to the classroom.Their little strike closed schools and also shut down virtual education options and we have no idea how long it will last.

Early Voting is done.The Primary Election is tomorrow.Supervisor of Elections Lori Scott joins us to begin hour three with our Primary Election update.

Speaking of elections, NY City officials are not happy.The NYPD Union has endorsed President Trump’s reelection.And while we like to blame Democrats for political shenanigans, Republican hands are far from clean.That’s true in fighting the Dems and in fighting each other.


When Antifa goes to Sturgis


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NYPD union endorses the president

We like to blame the other side, but Republicans are BAD as well

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