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Judge To Consider Dismissing Lawsuits Over School Reopenings

(Tallahassee, FL) -- Today could be a crucial day for those looking to keep classrooms closed. Two lawsuits, including one from teachers in Orange County, have been filed to overturn a state order that schools outside South Florida must offer in-person learning, and the state will ask a judge today to dismiss the suits. The Florida Education Association is the state's largest teachers union, and it's also suing the state. The FEA's lawyer argued yesterday that reopening classrooms would put the health of teachers and others in jeopardy, but a lawyer for the state, says keeping schools closed denies students the right to a high-quality education. 

Cocoa Asks FBI To Investigate City Officials

(Cocoa, FL) -- The FBI may look into the actions of some officials in Cocoa. The Cocoa City Council this week voted to ask the agency to investigate alleged ties between city officials and developers. Mayor Jake Williams, Jr. accuses developers and city officials of plotting to displace low-income residents. Williams told Florida Today that he's working on a formal proposal to send to the FBI.

Clay County Sheriff Arrested

(Green Cove Springs, FL) -- Clay County's sheriff finds himself on the wrong side of the law. Sheriff Darryl Daniels was arrested yesterday for charges that include felony tampering. The charges refer to an investigation into an affair Daniels had with a Jacksonville corrections officer. Daniels allegedly ordered deputies to arrest the woman last year, but he said yesterday the charges against him are dirty politics. Daniels also said he won’t drop out of the race to keep his job.He’ll remain in the ruining for Tuesday's race. 

Police Officer Fired Over Twitter Bio

(Tampa, FL) -- A USF Police officer is out of a job over his Twitter account. Presley Garcia was fired last week after she was investigated for referring to herself as a KKK member in her Twitter bio. The 26-year-old claims a now ex-friend put that on her bio five years ago, the account has been inactive since 2016, and she has never been associated with the KKK. Garcia tells the Tampa Bay Times no one at USF wanted to listen to her, and they're just trying to cover their butts. 

FPSC Candidate Denies Contribution Was Intended To Curry Favor

(Tallahassee, FL) -- A nominee to a state board denies using money to influence his candidacy. Republican State Rep. Mike La Rosa was nominated this week, by a senate committee, to the Florida Public Service Commission after he contributed 50-thousand dollars to the Florida Republican Senatorial Committee. If the governor appoints La Rosa to the FPSC, the senate, which is controlled by Republicans, would have to confirm the appointment. La Rosa yesterday told the Herald/Times the contribution was not an attempt to help his candidacy, and he donated because he wants to see Republican leadership continue. 

New Dating Site For Anti-Maskers

(London) -- Critics are nicknaming a new dating sight "OkStupid" because it's only for those who don't believe in wearing a mask. The creator of "Love in a Covid Climate" says it's for singles who feel the same way about the virus and don't want to deal with different attitudes. The website just launched this week in Britain and is already facing backlash online. Some call it a joke while others says the premise is "unhinged."

Connecticut Inmate Hangs Himself Using COVID-19 Mask

(Montville, CT) -- A Connecticut prisoner is dead after hanging himself with a prison-issued COVID-19 mask. Corrections officials say 32-year-old Daniel Ocasio was found inside of his cell at the Corrigan-Radgowski Correction Center with the distributed face mask tied around his neck. The medical examiner's office has ruled his death a suicide, but officials are still investigating. Ocasio was being held on 10-thousand dollars bond for a burglary.


2013, Pentagon officials stated that US Military marriage benefits will extend to same-sex spouses. These benefits include healthcare and housing.

1953, David Mullany Sr. invented the wiffle ball for his 13-year-old son.

1945, President Harry S. Truman announced that Japan had surrendered to the Allies.

1935, the Social Security Act was signed by President FDR.

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