How Biden/Harris would RULE

Now that Joe Biden has selected his successor (should they win in November) we got a glimpse of how the left will rule us if they get the opportunity.I’m pretty sure it’s nothing close to what the founders had in mind.

IN A HANDBASKET: It looks like the left has done a great job of shaming or scaring college Republicans into silence.

As we get back to Biden/Harris- how did he ever choose her?She ripped him a part in the primary and doesn’t think much of him.Democratic women have issued the Harris press coverage threats.I’m pretty sure that isn’t working on Facebook.

In the police world Portland’s new DA says he won’t prosecute rioters, Austin, TX is defunding cops and tossing the money at abortion & Target in Connecticut just says no to a police charity for underprivileged kids.

While state agencies have been told to prepare budget cuts the Florida House spend over $100k on a web site to rate local governments.No wonder the D-53 rep thinks they rule us all!Cocoa’s government is asking the FBI to investigate the city in matters related to development and city funds.The teachers’ union lawsuit to keep schools from opening has been fast tracked by a Leon County judge.

We’re down to two days of Early Voting and Election Day is Tuesday.Supervisor of Elections Lori Scott joins us to begin hour three with our Primary Election update.


How Biden/Harris would rule


In a Handbasket: Are Republicans shamed into silence?


How did Biden pick her?She doesn’t think much of him

Democratic women warn press about Harris coverage

Portland DA won’t press charges on rioters

Austin, Texas defunding police- that’s helpful

Target manager turns away cops charity effort

FL agencies told to look at budget cuts

Yet the Florida House wastes money on this

Cocoa wants itself investigated

Teachers’ Union lawsuit to keep schools shuttered is fast tracked

BCSO changes neck restraint policy

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