THE RONA: when health officials lie

THE RONA is real.There is a virus.Even health officials are not in agreement about it, though and that leaves us wondering what we should do.But when health officials lie to justify their position on things like wearing masks, the entirety of the discussion is tainted and confidence is lost.

And then there are state and local officials who are sometimes worse than the blind leading the blind.It’s more like Dumb and Dumber.Wisconsin gives us the example IN A HANDBASKET.

We did not get to our lab rat story in WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY, but we’ll try to this morning as Florida will be a vaccine testing site.Are you ready to be a lab rat?

How does one know when a candidate is lost in the campaign world?How about when he begins campaigning against a radio host instead of campaigning for the job he thinks he wants?Yes, the rookie did that.We’ll talk it this morning and there will be more in today’s INSIDER EMAIL.

Florida Today’s Tim Walters is with us at 8:25.We’ll talk the virus and returning to school and more as we close our morning.

Only three days of Early Voting remain and Election Day is Tuesday.Supervisor of Elections Lori Scott joins to begin hour three with our Primary Election update.


When Health Officials lie


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