INSIDER COLUMN: Desperate Candidate- Incompetent Campaign

So, this happened on the Bill Mick LIVE Facebook post of the LIVE VIDEO of Tuesday’s show.

Luke Lorence


Col. Caine with Joe Pags

·Bill Mick

 and one day he may serve well, but he’s not ready for this job just yet...

Luke Lorence

 Yeah, I’ve heard you talk about how a congressman needs 12 years before he can have any influence. Still waiting for Posey to show up and influence anything. Maybe in 12 years, Bill will be ready to lead.

Bill Mick LIVE

 quite a mischaracterization of my commentary, of which you are FULLY aware, but then again, campaigns do that. Funny, interesting to see what is essentially a campaign ad posted on my page by the Caine camp, seeing value in the audience, yet an absence of ads on the station itself...Scott had a good appearance on Pags last night and as I told Joe when it was over, Scott would be a great policy guy right now, but needs to understand the role of a congressman as opposed to someone standing behind the Commander in Chief. While that CAN happen, checks and balances are important and Scott needs to get a grip on that. He's not serving the president, he's serving a constituency. BIG DIFFERENCE.

Luke Lorence

You agree that Bill Posey took a stand against the president for using the term “China Virus.” I got it now. Thank you.

Bill Mick LIVE

 again, interesting spin from a campaign that is desperate to make a dent in an electorate that has been served well by Congressman Posey...I respect your candidate and his service, but his campaign is poorly run and out of touch with the Space Coast.

Luke Lorence

 I appreciate the discussion and feedback.

Now, let’s look at what actually happened here.A few weeks ago I posted the INSIDER COLUMN containing my votes in the Primary Election in the INSIDER EMAIL and on the blog post at Scott Caine was clearly NOT my pick in the 8th Congressional District Race.

Here is my take as noted in that column:

8th Congressional District

Representative Bill Posey is my choice here.

Bill‘s an effective, conservative congressman with experience. You won’t find him on the wrong side of a conservative issue. He’s been solid representation and that will not change.

His opponent has distinguished service in the USAF, and that is appreciated. His desire to serve is commendable and will serve us well some day, but not today. He failed to establish any reason that Posey should be removed and vows to limit his own effectiveness with a term limits pledge. He demonstrated a lack of understanding of the workings of the position he seeks and the operation of the House. While his vision for how the congress should work is utopian, it’s not the current reality. Until term limits are a reality, if they ever are, this is an unrealistic expectation for someone representing such an important area for the country as America’s gateway to space.

Caine’s campaign is not being run from the district, but from DC where lobbyists and political operatives rule the world.They are out of touch with the district and are used to doing things DC’s way.That team is scraping the bottom of the barrel to malign Posey’s outstanding conservative record during his time in congress.The resolution that Posey supported was not law, but a meaningless act addressing identity politics in the country.

Caine’s inexperience in the political field combined with his campaign’s failure to have him on radio in the market where the conservative voters of the district pay attention (in record numbers) show an out of touch staff when Brevard is the largest portion of this district.

Florida Today runs some of my MICKnugget scripts as a weekend feature.As this column was ready to go to press, Caine penned an editorial to the paper wherein he mischaracterized my take on his term limits pledge as saying only career politicians can be effective.As you saw above, that is not what I said at all.This is an act of desperation by Caine who doesn’t understand he is not running against me, but trying to unseat a solid conservative in Congressman Bill Posey.

Caine has again exhibited his lack of understanding of the job and politics overall.His background is solid and with time he may be a fitting representative, but it is clear he has a lot to learn.

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