We’ve featured the world of education a lot recently.Today it’s the culture of the campus for staff that starts us off.Imagine being a conservative professor at an American university.Would you speak out about your political views?Could you?Also on the education front, Georgia joins Michigan and Syracuse on the controlling student behavior front, but this is a bit more intrusive.

IN A HANDBASKET a police chief in Georgia has lost his job.His sin?Supporting protests on police violence but not swallowing the entire BLM agenda.

Are you in or out?Florida will participate in CDC testing of coronavirus vaccines.Are you feeling like a lab rate today?

Joe Biden’s made his VP pick and Democratic women are warning the press on how “her majesty” shall be covered.Was this choice smart?Does she do anything other than secure California electoral votes?

Tallahassee is telling state agencies to look at cutting budgets due to reduced revenue collection.This isn’t unexpected.The Brevard Sheriff’s Office has revised its policy on the use of “neck restraints.”This was unexpected.

And, most importantly, this is WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY and the topics you bring to the table will drive the show.So, as always, the question is: What’s on Your Mind?

Four days of Early Voting remain and Election Day is Tuesday.Supervisor of Elections Lori Scott joins in hour three to provide a Primary Election update.


Academia’s Doctrine


In a Handbasket: Chief loses job for not buying BLM


Want to be a lab rat?

Portland DA won’t press charges on rioters

Harris is Biden pick for VP

Democratic women warn press about Harris coverage

Biden VP lister dismisses Benghazi lies she told

FL agencies told to look at budget cuts

BCSO changes neck restraint policy

And you thought MICHIGAN and SYRACUSE wanted student control

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