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Brevard County Company Warned About COVID Claims

(Melbourne, FL) -- A company in Brevard County is being warned about claims it made about the coronavirus. The FDA is accusing Melbourne's H-Lab Life of claiming its products can prevent, treat, diagnose or cure COVID-19. In a letter sent last week, the FDA warned the company those claims violate federal law, and the company was told to stop selling the items in question. The company has not publicly responded to the FDA's claim. 

Orlando City Commissioner Calls Out Store For Not Enforcing Mask Mandate

(Orlando, FL) -- A store in Orlando is accused of putting the health of its customers at risk. City Commissioner Regina Hill released video she took this weekend from a Wawa on Raleigh Street in Metrowest. In the video, several people can be seen not wearing masks, and no one from the store appears to be enforcing the mask mandate. Hill tells Eyewitness News management was irresponsible, and it's our responsibility when we see something to say and do something.

Motorists Rescued From Flooded Streets

(Jacksonville, FL) -- Some drivers can thank the JSO for freeing them from flooded streets. Heavy rain last night caused flash flooding in several neighborhoods, including Hogan's Creek, and some cars got stuck in the rising waters. Video from First Coast News shows JSO officers were able to help stranded drivers. News4Jax estimates up to three inches of rain fell during the storm, and thousands of customers lost power.

Miami Preschool Reopens

(Miami, FL) -- A Miami-Dade preschool hopes it can be an example of how classrooms can reopen safely. Unique Kids Preschool and Preparatory opened its doors yesterday in Miami Gardens. Safety protocols include temperature checks, hand sanitizer, desk shields and social distance markers in the hallways. The school's owner tells CBS 4 News online learning doesn't work, and kids need to come to class. 

St. Johns County School District Loses Appeal Against Transgender Student

(St. Johns County, FL) -- A federal court is giving a Florida transgender student equal access to restrooms that match their gender identity. Former Nease High School Student Drew Adams sued the county school district over a policy that required him to use a gender-neutral bathroom on campus, instead of the boy's bathroom. Following the district court ruling in favor of Adams, St. Johns County appealed the decision to the Atlanta U.S. Court of Appeals. The Court ruled in Favor of Adams on Friday citing a previous cases that protected workers from being discriminated against.

103-Year-Old Woman Gets First Tattoo On Her Birthday

(Muskegon, MI) -- An elderly Michigan woman is celebrating her birthday by doing something she's never done before. Dorthy Pollack turned 103 last month and she decided to mark the occasion with her first tattoo. Pollack's granddaughter told CNN her grandmother lives in a Muskegon nursing home and the pandemic "had her in prison for months." She added the decision was kind of a spur of the moment situation when she was finally able to leave. Pollack got the tattoo on Friday and told the news outlet she got a tattoo of a frog on her arm. 

Human Rights Watch Warns Of 'Killer Robots'

(Undated) -- The Human Rights Watch is calling for a global ban on potential "killer robots." In a report on their website as part of The Campaign to Stop Killer Robots, HRW researchers say several notable countries, such as Russia and the U.S., have heavily invested in the development of fully autonomous weapons systems. They believe these AI-operated weapons are particularly dangerous as they lack the intervention of human-based ethics. However, the report also shows at least 30 nations, including Austria and Brazil, have committed to seeking a global ban of the use of these weapons. Researchers say their analysis concludes that future weaponry like this is a "grave threat to humanity" requiring urgent legislative action. 


1997, President Clinton became the first president to use the line-item veto. Congress granted the power for the president one year before.

1984, Ray Parker Jr. topped the pop music charts with the song "Ghostbusters."

1965, rioting and looting broke out in the Watts section of Los Angeles. In the week that followed more than three dozen people were killed and hundreds of others injured as a result of the violence. 

1945, Allies refuse Japan's offer to surrender on the condition Emperor Hirohito keeps his status.

1934, the first federal prisoners arrived at Alcatraz.

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