It’s interesting to note the things that can get students in trouble these days.Would that they would only hold educators and their unions to the same standards!

You’d think NASA would have better things to do (like keep astronauts alive and the like) than to play the politically correct games that society seems to demand.Apparently commercial spaceflight has freed up some time for NASA and that time is not being used wisely!NASA is IN A HANDBASKET this morning!

Those in law enforcement are under the gun these days.They always have been.Like being a sports official, cops are expected to be perfect on day one and improve from there.In California a THIN BLUE LINE license plate has been deemed a no-no.In Portland one cop has managed to maintain a sense of humor and it fired up the protesters even more.And, by the way, there is NO EXPECTATION that cops take the first punch before acting to control an unruly suspect, yet that’s seems to be the expectation.

Provided we have time we’ll also take a look at some political developments in the last few days.

Early voting continues through Saturday.And while the option is there, mail ballots are outpacing in person voting and that’s not a surprise.Supervisor of Elections Lori Scott joins in hour three to provide a Primary Election update.


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In a Handbasket: NASA goes stupid with Cancel Culture


CA rejects THIN BLUE LINE plate

Cop in Portland has ultimate quip

Cops and the first swing

Trump foregoes Congress to provide RONA-AID

Possible Biden VP dismisses Benghazi lies she told

Mail ballots vastly outnumber early voting totals

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