There are expectations of students in the American education system and some of them are unreasonable and some are just naive. Our Monday begins with those.

We’ll also get a look at how the violence of riots in Portland and Seattle is moving elsewhere and just what it may take to stop it.Even Portland’s mayor is seeing just what the anarchy climate is doing to his party’s election chances!That was evident in the drive to register new voters in Florida.When the savior of the Democratic Party’s efforts in the Sunshine State decided that saving horses was more important then registering voters, the Dems great hopes in their near-governor were dashed.

On the national scene President Trump has sidestepped a useless congress to provide unexpected aid to the American people.Whether it’s all going to pass muster is another question, but congress needs this wake-up call.I’m not holding my breath that they’ll heed it.And one of Joe Biden’s top selections for VP is speaking out and again highlighting the failures of the Obama administration in which she served.

Early voting started over the weekend and the turnout for Saturday was not far off the 2018 numbers.Supervisor of Elections Lori Scott joins us as we begin hour three to provide a Primary Election update.


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