Forget Peace in Portland, College at Michigan

Remember the deal where federal officers would leave Portland and state and local police would handle protection duties?So much for that.We should rename Portland Riotville!

Like local schools, colleges around the country are ramping up for the year.The requirement to attend at Michigan is a bit over the top and it’s IN A HANDBASKET this morning.

Denver has its crowd control problems, too.These protesters want evictions stopped, free rent for all and much more.

Joe Biden is the most gaffe laden candidate we have seen.He can talk himself into trouble, but sure can’t talk his way out.

Early voting begins tomorrow and Supervisor of Elections Lori Scott joins us as we begin hour three to provide a Primary Election update.


So much for the Portland Peace Treaty


In a Handbasket:UM- quit job or don’t come to school


Mob blocks courthouse, wants no evictions and freebies!

Biden can’t talk his way out of anything

WM facing fines for missing pick-ups

Elections-vote by mail

Bill’s Primary Votes

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