Riots- the new TV sport!

While the country is burning down around us it seems that riots have become our new entertainment.We don’t have sports and the ones we have (thank you for the exception NHL hockey) are political platforms.IN A HANDBASKET will look at riots as America’s new pastime.

We begin our day with a trucking company who just could have an answer for these “defund the police” movements.Iowa’s governor has given the press “what for” when it comes to reopening schools.

The Lober meaningless political ploy worked and the commission wasted time and effort to grandstand a bit in Tuesday’s meeting.

There has been a shift for the next season of Murder on the Space Coast and John Torres will be here to share that with us after Supervisor of Elections Lori Scott joins us as we begin hour three to provide a Primary Election update.


Trucking company makes a good call


In a Handbasket: If rioting is a sport, let’s keep score!


Iowa governor, the rona & the press

Commission makes meaningless effort

Brevard Tourism Office pays up for firing- discrimination alleged & paid for

WM facing fines for missing pick-ups

BPS/BFT reach agreement

Florida Today’s John Torres

Bill’s Primary Votes

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