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This column is a little different than most.We don’t talk ratings often for several reasons.Number one- during ratings periods it would be too easy to violate the rules governing the process and we don’t want to invalidate the numbers.Number two- for years, many years, WMMB has been Brevard’s top rated spoken word format and that hasn’t changed.

The most recent ratings period concluded in June and the numbers were reported in late July.Again, WMMB was the top spoken word format in the market.That’s not new territory, but we did reach some new heights. WMMB is not only the top spoken word radio station in the market, it’s the top radio station overall on the Space Coast for all listeners and our target demographics.

Thank you for making us that. It’s your listenership and loyalty to the station and its sponsors that make our success happen.It doesn’t happen without you.

It seems likely there are several reasons for the distinction.Not the least of these is the coronavirus and the vast interest in the news and issues of the day.Another would be that this is the first period where 92.7FM- WMMB is the primary branding for the radio station.And while that FM channel is a translator at relatively low power, it is on a high tower and provides coverage to the most populated areas of our central and southern listening area.

Then there is the addition of Joe Pags to our lineup.Joe’s show airs at 6pm M-F and he also hosts THE WEEKEND on Saturdays at 7pm. Joe has bolstered our evening listening like no other before him.He’s conversational, funny and relevant.If you’ve missed out on Joe’s show, check him out soon.You’ll love what you hear.

It’s also political season as the Primary Election is under way.That season will continue through November (and hopefully not too far beyond).WMMB is going to be busy and we like it that way.

All this happened as WMMB and Bill Mick LIVE, not to mention Bill Mick, has undergone some pretty big changes.We lost Jorge Medina, my right and left hands on WMMB, in a reduction in force in early February.Losing Jorge was a shock, a jolt to WMMB and BML in particular.Adjustments were in order.Bill had some learning to do.The position was eliminated and we lost an amazing worker and great guy.I had to pick up his post show production duties and some other things I had not done in years and had never done it on this equipment.It was a learning curve.

And then there is the impact to the show itself.With Jorge gone there was no producer for the show, no board operator and maybe most importantly, no call screener.So, if you are a new member of that #1 audience for WMMB, I’d like to leave you with a tip or two for interacting with us.

1-Find the web site at

2-Sign up to get our daily INSIDER email.It will connect you to what we are doing every day and get you the weekly column that posts on Thursday.

3-Join us in the interaction on the show.You can follow on the WMMB or Bill Mick LIVE Facebook pages and comment there if you like.

4-Call the show when you’re inspired to weigh in at 321.768.1240

·Remember there is no one actually answering the call unless you call in a commercial break.I’ll answer and put the call immediately on hold.

·Listen to the show on hold on your telephone for if you are listening to the radio you’ll be 15 seconds behind the rest of us.

·Be on topic with what we are discussing at the moment UNLESS it’s WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY when you can talk anything you like

·Be clear and concise in your discussion points, it gives us more time to interact with you if we understand your position quickly

·ENJOY and hang out with us as long as you can.

There is a lot going on and we do our best to stay on top of the issues that make a difference to us all and have some fun along the way.Thanks for being part of the best audience on the Space Coast! We’ll talk again tomorrow-

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