Political correctness is taking its toll on the country.Humor, actual discourse and even acting are not the same.Walking on tiptoes has become the norm and even apologies are meaningless.One actor is speaking out and a major college football coach is in hot water for attempting to stop his players from using a derogatory term.

While we’re at college, let’s not be teaching outside the preferred mantra when your class counters the pro-communist agenda that prevails these days in higher education.

You want to protest or riot, but don’t have the expensive equipment it takes to make your event happen?Easy, just sue the city where you want to protest and have them provide for all your protesting needs!

Los Angeles and St. Louis have something in common.Protecting your property is not allowed without the worry of criminal prosecution. Fortunately for us, police work is a bit more common sense and respected in Brevard and one of our own, Satellite Beach Chief Jeff Pearson is the Chief of Chiefs in Florida.

Those are on my mind as we begin a WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY, but it’s your day to make the decisions on what we discuss.So, what’s it to be?321.768.1240 gets your topic fired off on BML.

Supervisor of Elections Lori Scott will join us as we begin hour three to provide a Primary Election update.


Acting isn’t acting anymore


In a Handbasket: The forbidden word, even when helping stop it


Forbidden teachings…don’t buck prevailing preferences

Suing Seattle…for rioters’ protective gear!

L. A. - St. Louis: same thing!

SB Chief Pearson is Chief of Chiefs

Brevard Tourism Office pays up for firing- discrimination alleged & paid for

WM facing fines for missing pick-ups

BPS/BFT reach agreement

Bill’s Primary Votes

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