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Disney Estimates COVID-19-Related Losses In The Billions

(Orlando, FL) -- Disney is feeling the economic impact of the coronavirus. The Walt Disney Company announced yesterday it lost two-billion dollars while Disney World and other theme parks were closed. Losses for the entire quarter are estimated at three-and-a-half-billion dollars. The company says sales are down 42-percent, but they expect a rebound once the COVID-19 numbers fall. 

Orlando Bars To Stay Closed Until Vaccine Is Available

(Orlando, FL) -- It could be quite a while before you can visit a bar in Orlando. Mayor Buddy Dyer said yesterday bars may remain closed until a vaccine is available. He tells ABC News bars are in one of the most difficult situations, and he isn't sure how they can be brought back safely without a vaccine. 

USF Doctor Open To Lifting Nursing Home Restrictions

(Tampa, FL) -- A USF doctor is among those open to allowing visitors back into nursing homes. Visitors to long-term care facilities have been banned for five months, but Governor Ron DeSantis said yesterday he's looking into lifting that ban. USF Public Health Dr. Jill Roberts says it could be done if visitors are tested and follow social distance rules. She also tells 10 Tampa Bay the first step is to make sure we get accurate tests since too many tests report false negatives. 

Miami Beach Closes All Basketball Courts

(Miami Beach, FL) -- Miami Beach is taking another step to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Mayor Dan Gelber announced yesterday all basketball courts in city parks are now closed. All solo or group activity, including dribbling or shooting, are prohibited. The city has also removed all the rims from city courts. 

Teachers Union Seeks To Delay Start Of School Year

(Miami, FL) -- Florida's largest teachers union is taking action to delay reopening classrooms. Lawyers for the Florida Education Association will go before a judge in Miami-Dade County today. The FEA will ask the judge for an emergency injunction to keep classrooms across the state closed. Teachers are worried it's not safe for them to return to classrooms, and they want instruction to be online-only.

DeSantis Says Unemployment System Was Designed To Discourage Applicants

(Miami, FL) -- It's no accident that many are frustrated by the state's unemployment system. Governor Ron DeSantis said this week that the system was designed to discourage people from applying for benefits. He says the system was set up with pointless roadblocks that would get applicants to give up, but he says a lot of those roadblocks have been eliminated. He also tells CBS 4 News going forward, he would like to see all government systems be more user friendly. 

Alligator Traps Residents In Apartment Elevator

(Lee County, FL) -- Getting trapped in an elevator can be scary for anyone, but even more so when an alligator is waiting outside. Seems the gator wandered into a Florida apartment building near Estero and just sat outside the door. Those in the elevator didn't dare try to get off. They called for help and waited for a trapper to safely remove the all too familiar animal. 

Colorado Woman Finds Snake Inside Apartment Toilet

(Fort Collins, CO) -- A Colorado woman is still in shock after finding a snake inside of her apartment's toilet bowl. Miranda Stewart, of Fort Collins, said she went to investigate when she noticed that her toilet wouldn't flush in the morning. Upon looking inside, Stewart noticed what turned out to be a four-foot corn snake slithering up the drain. The apartment complex's maintenance man took about 40 minutes to get the snake out. It's unclear how the snake got inside, so the maintenance man ended up adopting the serpent, which he calls "Boots." 


2011, the first solar-powered space craft, Juno, launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Base on mission to Jupiter.

1957, "American Bandstand," hosted by Dick Clark, made its TV network debut on ABC-TV. The first guests were Billy Williams and The Chordettes. Buddy Holly's "That'll Be The Day" was the first record played. The show had begun airing in 1952 on a Philadelphia TV station.

1914, the first electric traffic lights were installed in Cleveland, Ohio.

1861, President Lincoln imposed the first federal income tax by signing the Revenue Act.

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