Chair Wasting Brevard County Commission’s Time

Not only is the country in large part ignoring history, now one Illinois state representative wants to erase it.Protecting women is apparently a bad thing- just ask the ACLU.One woman’s home was protected by her community.The woman is Seattle’s Police Chief.

One official of the Federal Reserve wants to completely shut down the country.We are vastly overreacting to the coronavirus.

Commissioner Bryan Lober is finally right on an issue, but as usual, his approach is all wrong.The county is paying up for the misdeeds of the Office of Tourism under the previous Executive Director and Waste Management is facing fines for not fulfilling its contract with the county.

Supervisor of Elections Lori Scott will join us as we begin hour three to provide a Primary Election update.


Illinois Rep is History Abolitionist

In a Handbasket: Protecting women now a bad thing

Neighbors protect Seattle Chief’s home

Feed Reserve Bank head wants total shutdown

Lober right on issue, wrong on action

Brevard Tourism Office pays up for firing- discrimination alleged & paid for

WM facing fines for missing pick-ups

BPS/BFT reach agreement

Bill’s Primary Votes

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