MASK WARS Are Back- Satellite Beach = Bonkers!

Friday’s cup runneth over.We have more that we will ever get to discuss on the table this morning.We’ll begin surrounded by idiots that can’t identify a Confederate Flag, but want it removed anyway…by the way it’s NOT one!IN A HANDBASKET California and the NFL have gone anti-church and the NCAA is doing its part to put collegiate sports in a bad light- just like the pros.

MASK WARS are back on the Space Coast.The school board and the City of Satellite Beach have decided mask mandates are the way to go.Satellite’s is so far over the top as to be laughable.The people of Satellite have sure elected (and appointed) a group of clowns to run that circus!

We have more graduation panic being spread by the Health Department.Key West has arrested a couple for not quarantining after positive tests for the virus.

The president, like before his first election, is sounding off on vote fraud and taking shots at mail balloting. It was not a smart Tweet to fire off.

School Board D4 candidates will wrap up our Primary Election season interviews. Davis Worrells is with us at 7:42 and the incumbent Matt Susin will join us at 8:42.Then, in this afternoon’s INSIDER email my column will detail the hows and whys of my ballot in the Primary.

Supervisor of Elections Lori Scott will join us as we begin hour three to provide a Primary Election update.

SpaceX’s Crew Dragon is scheduled to splashdown Sunday afternoon.Weather is a factor as to where and potentially when.We’ll keep an eye out and have coverage for you here on 92.7FM- WMMB.


We’re surrounded by idiots

In a Handbasket:

·CA bans in-home Bible studies

·NFL to fine players for going to church?

·NCAA tries to kill its sports, too


School Board implements mandate for back to school

More graduation panic from the health Department

Satellite Beach mandates masks inside, outside, all around the town

Key West arrests couple for violating quarantine


President’s Tweet ill advised

DC teachers follow “Boss” Hogg lead- display body bags

Brevard Tourism Office pays up for firing- discrimination alleged & paid for

Another conservative voice lost, we’ll miss Herman Cain

Come Sunday: Splashdown!

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