Back to School & Union Issues Abound

It’s going to be a jammed up day on BML. While we were scheduled to resume candidate interviews with Jennifer Jenkins in School Board D3 at 7:42, the Mars Rover launch is scheduled at that time.I have asked Jenkins to move that interview to 8:42 this morning or 6:42 tomorrow.I am waiting for her reply.

Education issues are plentiful as we look at today’s topics.Can classrooms be made safe?Should parents be forced to sign waivers to put their kids back in school?Should teachers unions strike if they don’t like school safety plans?Should DC teachers be acting like David “Boss” Hogg and playing games in the street?

Interestingly, there have been some breakthroughs in talks between the BFT and Brevard Schools.

Brevard’s Office of Tourism has settled a discrimination lawsuit.They claim no wrongdoing, but a six figure payout says all you need to know.

And, apparently negotiations with the city/state of Portland have reached a peace deal.They can have the commie-land utopia and the feds will leave, as long as someone protects the federal building!

Supervisor of Elections Lori Scott will join us as we begin the 8am hour to provide a Primary Election update.Florida Today’s Isadora Rangel is scheduled with us at 8:25 and we’ll take a look at the political landscape in the county.

It’s a busy day on BML. We’ll begin with police departments that won’t protect the Democratic National Convention.IN A HANDBASKET we go to Great Britain where men are under attack for their masked antics.


Over 100 PD’s pull out of Dem Convention security

In a Handbasket:

·OK, fellas, stop the aggressive staring!

Back to school- can they socially distance?

AZ schools demand waivers for kids return

National teachers union says strike over back to school plans

DC teachers follow “Boss” Hogg lead- display body bags

BPS/union have breakthrough in talks

Brevard Tourism Office pays up for firing- discrimination alleged & paid for

Armistice?Feds/Oregon make a deal?

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