WOW: When Rookie Campaigns Take Bad Advice

In hour one, provided you allow on a WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY, we’ll focus on media and entertainment.First, is the Joe Biden campaign being run by the media itself?Are professional sports shooting themselves in the foot?And, IN A HANDBASKET looks at the Associated Press and a recent decision on what’s important to signal in their writings.

Also on tap are how Portland’s mayor has had a turn around since his city is burning down around him, Attorney General William Barr facing down a House committee that could not have embarrassed itself more and what rookie candidates do when they take bad advice and try to pull stupid tricks to unseat Representative Bill Posey.

We also have over 100 police departments refusing to help with security at the Democratic National Convention.You see, real cops won’t let the Democrats and inept leadership of Minneapolis handcuff them in performing their duties.

We’ll also note the passing of a strong voice for conservatism and its presence at American institutions of higher learning.Mike Adams was that voice and he will be missed.

And let’s not forget- today is your day on BML. You have insights, opinions and even issues that I simply can’t bring to the table.WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY lets you introduce them and lay them out for us.

As we start the 8am hour we’ll get an election update from Supervisor of Elections Lori Scott.


Is the media running the Biden campaign?

Marlins mess up MLB season

NFL Goes Social Justice Stupid

In a Handbasket:

·AP- discrimination by the letter

Portland’s mayor acts like occupying force

Barr faces an embarrassing assault by Dems

When rookie candidates take bad advice

Over 100 PD’s pull out of Dem Convention security

A great conservative voice lost…Mike Adams

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