THE RONA, Cops & the Country

We’ve long had questions about testing for the coronavirus and the accuracy and reporting issues that have been in play.What if there was a better way?What if there is?

Major League Baseball has been shaken by the Miami Marlins.It’s not their on-field play that causes a pause; it’s the mini-pandemic that the Marlins have become that’s stopped baseball in its tracks.

IN A HANDBASKET there are times you can’t protect people from their own stupidity.These folks were sending a message, but they used the wrong symbol to do it and no matter how right the idea was, the implementation was all wrong.

The country is in more turmoil than I believe I have seen in my lifetime.Portland seems to be the leading example.This much is clear: it’s not about black lives, the federal government should be protecting lives and property, there is more of this violence coming and the cops are facing more than they may have ever expected.

We’ll take our first segment of the 8am hour to talk with Supervisor of Elections Lori Scott and get our daily election update.


Better than testing?Sniffing out THE RONA

MLB start shaken by Marlins outbreak

In a Handbasket:

·Nazi masks: the message and the reaction

It’s not about black lives at all

Portland is burning down- what are the feds to do?

It appears more of this is to come

What the cops are facing on Portland’s streets

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