FL: Open Season on Cops?

According to one Leon County judge cops who are victims of crime can’t benefit from Marsy’s Law that would shield their personal information from the public.The attack on cops has expanded to the judiciary.And it spreads- a cop in Portland has been fired from his high school coaching job.Why?Because he’s a cop!

IN A HANDBASKET we have congress using the cancel culture’s tactics against them.While it’s fun to think about, is using the bad tactics of those who would tear down the country really a good idea?

In Mask Wars our next saga takes us to the Emperor and entertainment.While the Emperor throw out the first pitch at the season opening baseball game in DC, it appears his edicts do not apply to him.He brushed off criticism as if it came from people who don’t matter.Retailers are backing off on those mask mandates as they learn that their employees are being placed in a bad position.Yet, the Emperor’s subjects demand that they be mandated to wear masks.

The teachers and the administration are at odd over how to safely reopen schools.Everyone wants safety, but the negotiations with the union are like always…contentious.

America is burning down and Portland is the glaring example.As we might expect, the only activity that the Empire supports is activity that leads to destruction and mayhem.

Candidate interviews continue on today’s show with School Board D3 challenger Jennifer Jenkins joining us at 7:42 and Board Member Tina Descovich with us at 8:42.

We’ll start our Election Updates with Supervisor of Elections Lori Scott at 8:07.Yes, the election is ON.


Cops can’t be victims?What the…?

Fire the coach!He’s a cop!

In a Handbasket:

·Using their tactics against them

Fauci- do as I say, but I don’t do it

Retailers have 2nd thoughts on masks

But the dumb masses want them mandated

Brevard teachers/administration at odds on reopen details

Portland is burning down- what are the feds to do?

It appears more of this is to come

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