Is Law Enforcement a Team Sport?

Cops have been accused of having an “us vs them” mentality.I get it.I experienced it.But, it’s not a team sport…or is it?It seems to be coming down that way.In some parts of the country the cop haters are in control of government.Their nonsensical ideas of how policing can be done are dangerous to the public and their proposed enforcers.

The other team is known for turning on its own.How does appeasing the whining masses work for these officials?It happens pretty much just like you’d think.

The Republican National Convention has dropped the idea of coming to Jacksonville.That’s too bad, but panic from the RONA runs strong.

Candidate interviews resume today with County Commission D3. Invited to our 7:42 segment is Melbourne Mayor Kathy Meehan. She has not replied to the invitation.The incumbent John Tobia will join us at 8:42.You can catch up with any missed interviews on the BML PRIMARY CANDIDATE INTERVIEWS post at


Law Enforcement a team sport? Heckling the cops

In a Handbasket:

·Letting cop haters run law enforcement

How’s appeasement working?

Republican National Convention drops Jacksonville

Georgia has the right idea on masks

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