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Brevard County Rejects Mask Ordinance

(Titusville, FL) -- Wearing a mask will still be voluntary in parts of Brevard County. The county commission yesterday rejected a proposal to require masks at certain businesses. It was the second time the commission discussed and rejected a mask ordinance. Some cities and towns require masks, as do some businesses, but Vice Chair Rita Pritchett says the commission shouldn't try to mandate personal responsibility. 

Citizens Advisory Committee Discusses Orange County Sheriff's Office Policies

(Orlando, FL) -- A controversial policy of the Orange County's Sheriff Office is under review. The Citizens Advisory Committee yesterday discussed a mandate that deputies intervene when they see or anticipate another officer using excessive force. Union members question how deputies can be expected to anticipate excessive force, and they propose requiring intervention only when a deputy witnesses excessive force. A member of the advisory committee, though, says the policy needs to be expanded to empower deputies to step in and stop abuse immediately.

DeSantis: Coronavirus Cases Could Start Trending Lower

(Tallahassee, FL) -- Governor Ron DeSantis is expressing optimism about the state's coronavirus situation. Addressing a roundtable discussion yesterday in Tallahassee, DeSantis said the number of new coronavirus cases may start trending lower soon. He says people should not worry about Florida running out of hospital beds due to the pandemic. DeSantis also says more than a thousand ICU beds are available statewide.

Hillsborough County Commission Votes to Eliminate Emergency Policy Group

(Tampa, FL) -- Hillsborough County's controversial Emergency Policy Group will be completely eliminated. The County Commission scrapped an original plan to allow the group to handle hurricane and storm response while taking over all decision making in response to the Coronavirus.  Commissioners unanimously voted for the amended ordinance doing away with the group. A final vote will be taken on August 5th after a public hearing.  All emergency orders passed by the group will remain in effect.

Researchers Create Uncuttable Material Named "Proteus"

(Durham, UK) -- Researchers say they've created the world's first uncuttable material. It's called "Proteus" and is made of aluminum and ceramic so it's lighter than steel and stronger than diamond. The material developed by researchers in England and Germany could be used to make lightweight armor, armored vehicles, protective equipment, locks and more. They are working on getting a patent and finding a manufacturer for Proteus. 

Genetic Site Leads To Arrest Of Pennsylvania Man

(Undated) -- A 36-year-old Pennsylvania man is facing multiple counts of felony rape after he was identified as a suspect through genetic testing sites. Jeffrey Fields was arrested for allegedly raping four Penn State women in the last decade. Authorities say they collected the DNA of an unknown suspect at the time of the rapes and used commercial genetic testing companies to identify Fields as a suspect.


2003, former U.S. POW Jessica Lynch returned to her home state of West Virginia months after her highly publicized rescue by fellow U.S. soldiers in Iraq. Lynch received three medals for her ordeal in Iraq. The young woman's unit was ambushed in Operation Iraqi Freedom. 

1995, a jury found Susan Smith guilty of first-degree murder for drowning her two young sons. She was later sentenced to life in prison. 

1991, the Milwaukee Police arrested Jeffrey Dahmer. He was suspected of killing 17 people. Detectives found eleven skulls, three headless torsos and other body parts in his apartment. Dahmer later confessed to the murders.

1975, Confederate Army General Robert E. Lee's U.S. citizenship was restored by Congress.

1934, notorious outlaw John Dillinger was shot and killed by FBI agents at Chicago's Biograph Theatre.

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