Brevard’s School Start Date Set Back

A Seattle police officer has laid out just what he’s been through and where it’s taken him.Would you do the job today?

IN A HANDBASKET the Sports World is again stumbling all over the nation’s politics.They may learn a tough lesson.

The County Commission has again denied Chairman Bryan Lober rule over the rest of us when it comes to mask policy.His plan to tie business relief funds to the business having a mask policy did not meet with the commission’s approval.

Brevard Public Schools have pushed back the start date for the ’20-’21 school year.The board is still getting no help from the State or local health department, in spite of Superintendent Mullins’ assertions of their participation in advisory meetings.Anyone can read you a list of statistics (if you could trust them).Health professionals are afraid to make the recommendation.

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What cops are facing

In a Handbasket:

·Sport & Politics- NFL

·Sport & Politics- MLB


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