Cops & Race & Masks

Division should be the word for 2020.Whether it’s the coronavirus and our response to it, racial issues in the country, politics or how we see and respond to authority, we are divided about everything.And sometimes we are downright stupid about it.That division and the surrounding idiocy are in focus on today’s BML.

Let’s start with race.Portland has been under siege for weeks.Cops are tasked with trying to maintain order, only it seems that the black cops…well, they aren’t black!In Berkeley, that candle on the hill of liberalism, they are trying to get traffic enforcers killed as they plan to turn those duties over to non-cops!

I’m usually proud of my WV heritage.Mountaineers are a strong, proud people who are as patriotic as we come and hard working folks who value family and faith.This WV story embarrasses me and any other true Mountaineer!It, too, combines cops and race as it throws in a touch of collegiate ignorance.

Staying on the racism topic, today’s story could qualify the Smithsonian as the most racist institution in the country!

On the mask front, Publix, taking Walmart’s lead, has decided to require customers to wear masks.Hello, Winn-Dixie!Georgia’s governor has the right idea on masks.Of course, he’s taking heat for it.

Oh, in a win for Florida (at least so far), the Supreme Court has blocked felons from voting until fines, fees and restitution are paid. We’ll see how long that little gem lasts.


Black Cops aren’t…black?

In a Handbasket:

·Killing enforcers: traffic stops by non-cops?

Usually proud, this WV story is embarrassing

The Smithsonian is racist!

Defund cops, get what you might expect

Publix, led by Walmart, requiring masks

Georgia has the right idea on masks

State Board/Commissioner sending mixed messages on reopening schools

Supreme Court stops FL felon voting…for now

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