Brevard- Back to School Approved, May be Delayed

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For my part, we have lots to get into and they may be what has you thinking, or maybe not.

That St.Louis couple that defended their home from the angry mob anticipates being indicted.

The Washington Redskins are changing their name, we just don’t know to what.NASCAR is considering eliminating political ads and messaging on their vehicles.

Brevard’s School Board voted to reopen schools, but the question of when still lingers.

We have more evidence of the media’s encampment firmly in the left and we have Florida Today suing the BCSO.

With cries around the country to defend the police, one major city is getting what it asked for and should have anticipated.

And, in a bit of good news, should it come to pass, the Space Coast has landed an NCAA DI basketball tournament for the fall.

Whether it’s one of mine or another topic on your mind, let’s see what you’re thinking this morning.


St. Louis couple who defended home expecting to be indicted

In a Handbasket:

·Washington NFL club replacing Redskins nickname

·Now NASCAR wants to ban political ads

Will school opening be delayed?

Board meeting on reopening a long one…the decision?

CFN 13: reopen approved, start date in question

More evidence of media’s leftism and bias

Florida Today suing BCSO over jail video

Defund cops, get what you might expect

Space Coast lands DI men’s, women’s basketball tourneys

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