USA TODAY- Complicit with the Left?

Tuesday will be all over the board for us.FORD may finally actually have a better idea.Ricky Gervais is right about the division we see around the country.USA TODAY leads the charge against the president in their fact check comments.Does Marcy’s Law protect the identities of victim cops?Brevard’s school board is set to approve a reopen plan.Even Disney is getting mask shamed.The Washington Redskins are changing the team nickname and now, after all the hubbub, NASCAR wants to stop political advertising on race cars.

It’s a hodgepodge of what we’re talking about around the country as we talk it up today on BML.


Maybe Ford (finally) has a better idea!

Gervais- all conservatives labeled as Hitler

In a Handbasket:

·USA Today and the agenda of the left- The tweet reactions are worth the look

Does Marsy’s Law protection apply to victim cops?

Detroit Police Chief turns narrative with shooting video

School Board to set reopen plan in this morning’s meeting

Mask shaming Disney

Washington NFL club replacing Redskins nickname

Now NASCAR wants to ban political ads

SpaceX delays upcoming launches

Allow protests?- can’t stop church

Private short term rentals & the TDC tax

Using a rape victim to campaign

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