The Cancel Culture and Social Justice Warriors will leave no venue alone and that includes the games we watch and the games we play, even board games!From a senator who questioned the exclusiveness of the NBA’s jersey slogan policy and an ESPN reporter being suspended for tweeting the F-bomb to the senator, to Charles Barkley actually getting it and saying so, the games we play aren’t just entertainment anymore.

IN A HANDBASKET the board game aspect is in play as SCRABBLE has entered the culture wars by eliminating words for official tournament play.Their association members (who knew there was one?) were split about 50/50 on taking words out or leaving them in.

Mask Wars are on in Brevard and the rest of the state.A Leon County judge handed a loss to Rep. Anthony Sabatini’s client on Friday.The Republican Executive Committee leader was challenging the county’s mask mandate.Now Satellite Beach, Cocoa Beach and Indialantic have their own mask edicts with other cities considering them.West Melbourne and Cape Canaveral have closed government buildings.Brevard is talking it up over the mandates and the inconsistency of them.

If you plan to defend yourself when threatened with violence, you’d best be ready to defend yourself from the criminal justice system and those who would use it to further a political agenda at your expense.That St. Louis couple has found that out and it’s ongoing.Detroit’s police chief turned the social narrative on its head after a shooting by his officers.Seems the bad guy has been aiming a gun at a cops head when he got his ticket punched.

Also, I have linked up an article by Newt Gingrich that I read from Fox News over the weekend.Newt lays out the “Never-Trumper” Republicans and spells it out nicely.It’s worth your time.

If those stories don’t jump start your Monday, what’s it going to take?


ESPN NBA reporter F-bombs senator

Gets suspended

Charles Barkley gets it

In a Handbasket:

·Scrabble scrubs offensive words


Leon judge turns back mask challenge

West Melbourne, Cape closing city halls

Brevard cities stir it up on masks


St. Louis searches home, seizes rifle

Attorney surrenders handgun, Congress reaches out to AG

Detroit Police Chief turns narrative with shooting video

A great read from Newt Gingrich on anti-Trump Republicans

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