IN A HANDBASKET takes us where President Trump should have never gone.After the issue was seemingly settled, or at least quieted somewhat, a presidential TWEET that was completely unnecessary brought ridicule and an opportunity for a loss.

I wonder what rules the Orlando Police Department will implement for the bad guys who choose to put cops in fights for their very lives.The city doesn’t seem to mind handcuffing cops as they go out to protect the public.Will the criminal assailant be similarly restrained?

Richard Corcoran seems to be running the DOE like he ran the Florida House.He could also be taking some liability off the backs of local decision makers as he mandates schools across the state to be open in August.

Brevard County seems to have some issues with the idea of placing the Emergency Management Department under the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office.

I had an interesting conversation yesterday at lunch over a newly announced Supreme Court decision on the Electoral College.Was it a good call?We’ll see what you think.

And, if we have time: the march on Stone Mountain, Georgia.Was it a march or a challenge to war?


Charlie Daniels has passed

In a Handbasket:

·President loses TWITTER race with Bubba Wallace/NASCAR

OPD implements rules on cops in fights for their lives

Corcoran mandates Florida schools open in August

County sees issues with Sheriff taking Emergency Management

The Electoral College…the Supremes latest call

The march on Stone Mountain

Allow protests?- can’t stop church

Private short term rentals & the TDC tax

Federal Judge Hinkle slows his roll on mail ballots

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