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Clergy Members Ask City To Cancel RNC Convention

(Jacksonville, FL) -- Dozens of clergy members want the city of Jacksonville to rescind its invitation to President Trump. About 80 faith leaders yesterday asked Mayor Lenny Curry, in a letter, to pull the plug on plans to host the Republican National Convention next month. The clergy cite rising coronavirus numbers and rising anxiety from protests about discrimination and the economy. The mayor's office has not publicly responded. 

Miami-Dade Rolling Back Reopening

(Miami, FL) -- Miami-Dade County is taking more action to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. Mayor Carlos Gimenez announced yesterday restaurants will close, once again, except for outdoor dining, takeout and delivery, along with fitness centers and short-term rentals. Gimenez says the rollbacks, effective tomorrow, are needed to make sure hospitals don't get overrun with COVID-19 patients. Beaches will remain open, but Gimenez says they'll be closed if social distancing guidelines are ignored. A Coral Gables restaurant owner says this could cost her and her husband their livelihood for the last 26 years. Meanwhile, a Wynwood gym owner tells the Miami Herald he may stay open anyway since he has had no cases among his customers. 

Orlando Police Announce Reforms

(Orlando, FL) -- Reforms are coming to the Orlando Police Department. Chief Orlando Rolon announced yesterday police will no longer use choke holds or no-knock warrants. Choke holds will still be allowed in situations where deadly force is justified, though. The president of a police officer's union tells the Orlando Sentinel they support the changes. 

Jacksonville Sued Over Mask Requirement

(Jacksonville, FL) -- A Jacksonville man is taking the city to court over its mask policy. Mandarin's Jason French filed suit yesterday to overturn the city law requiring masks in businesses that serve the public. About 75 people showed up at the Duval County Courthouse to support French. He argues the law interferes with his personal liberty and deprives him of due process. 

NAACP Official Wants 'Plantation' Dropped From Community Names

(DeLand, FL) -- An NAACP official in Volusia County believes it's time to reconsider the names of some communities. Many places have the word 'plantation' in their names, and Volusia County-Daytona Beach NAACP President Cynthia Slater says changing the names is something that should be looked at. She says it's derogatory to use a name that was a place of bondage for African-Americans. Developers who run such places say they have no plans for name changes, though, and one tells the News Journal changing a name won't solve the crisis of racial strife we face. 

Farmer Drains Pond And Discovers ATM

(Exeter, NE) -- A Nebraska man is scratching his head after finding an unusual object at his residence. Wynn Hall was draining a pond on his farm and discovered what he thought was a home appliance, but turned out to be an ATM. The Fillmore County Sheriff's Office was called and a group towed the banking device from the waterhole. Hall said the pond has been at his farm since 2019 so it's unclear how long the ATM was sitting there. Authorities did say, however, that an ATM was stolen not too long ago.

Jimmy John's Fires Georgia Employees After Bread Noose

(Woodstock, GA) -- At least four Georgia Jimmy John's employees are out of a job after an incident with a bread noose.  Jimmy John's announced the firing after a video surfaced showing employees making, then using a noose of bread dough. The sandwich shop took to Twitter to say they have zero tolerance for racism or discrimination of any form and that all employees involved no longer work for the company.


2004, a federal grand jury indicted former Enron chairman and CEO Kenneth Lay on charges of wire and securities fraud and making false statements stemming from the company's 2001 collapse. 

1865, four people were executed by hanging for conspiring with John Wilkes Booth to assassinate President Abraham Lincoln. 

1802, "The Wasp" was published in Hudson, New York. It was the first comic book.

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