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Weather Looks Good For Wednesday Launch

(Cape Canaveral, FL) -- SpaceX plans to launch a Falcon 9 rocket Wednesday from Kennedy Space Center.The Space Force said yesterday that weather conditions are 70-percent Go. The launch is set for just before noon Wednesday morning. The rocket will carry more Starlink satellites as part of an effort to spread broadband internet around the world. 

Crowds Hit Volusia County Beaches

(Daytona Beach, FL) -- Despite the growing number of coronavirus cases, Volusia County's beaches are still popular places to be. Beach Safety Ocean Rescue Captain Alex Miller says crowds this Fourth of July weekend seemed similar to last year. Miller tells the News Journal the crowd was well-spaced, though, thanks to a policy of keeping cars parked on the beaches 25 feet apart. 

Rally Held In Support Of Confederate Monument In St. Augustine

(St. Augustine, FL) -- Those who want to keep a Confederate monument in St. Johns County are making their voices heard. Hundreds of people rallied in St. Augustine yesterday at Plaza de la Constitución. They want the city commission to reverse a decision to remove the monument, and one man wants the issue decided by the voters. A woman tells News4Jax it's not just about the monument but about the bigger picture of preserving our nation's history. 

Two People Hit By Lightning In Clearwater

(Clearwater, FL) -- Two people are hurt after getting hit by lightning in Pinellas County. Clearwater Police say a 37-year-old man and a 43-year-old were struck yesterday afternoon at Clearwater Beach near Somerset Street. The 37-year-old is in critical condition, and the 43-year-old is in stable condition.  

Armed Standoff Ends Peacefully

(Miami, FL) -- Crisis negotiators are credited with bringing a tense situation to a peaceful end in Miami-Dade County. Police responded to a home on Southwest 305th Terrace yesterday for a fire that had a man and his mother trapped inside. After entering the home, police found a man with a knife threatening to kill himself, and crisis negotiators were called. They were able to take the man into custody, unharmed, and his 72-year-old mother is in stable condition. 

Newton Falls, Ohio Becomes Statuary Sanctuary City

(Newton Falls, OH) -- Statues of Christopher Columbus and other historical figures like George Washington are welcome in one Ohio city. Newton Falls, northwest of Youngstown, is now a Statuary Sanctuary City thanks to an order signed this weekend. The proclamation from City Manager David Lynch says leaders weren't perfect, but they still accomplished great things. Lynch's order means statues being dumped by other cities are welcome in Newton Falls. A "general amnesty" is also now in effect for Columbus, Washington, and presidents of the past including Teddy Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. Star Spangled Banner writer Francis Scott Key is also covered under the amnesty order.

Florida Man Charged For Shoving Another Elderly Man Off Elevator

(Miami Beach, FL) -- A Florida man is facing charges following an altercation over social distancing. Video footage appears to show 72-year-old Nachum Gross pushing another senior off of an elevator at Portofino Towers in Miami Beach. Gross says he was in the elevator with his wife when 86-year-old Gerald Steiglitz tried to get on despite a two-person limit. The man is then seen shoving Steiglitz back causing him to crash into a corner table. Steiglitz says he was surprised how aggressive Gross was because he thought his neighbor of 20 years was simply trying to greet him. Gross eventually surrendered himself to police and he was charged with battery on a person 65 or older. His attorney has called the incident self-defense in a time of the coronavirus pandemic. 


2016, the Pokemon GO app was released, and it was snapped up by millions upon millions of people eager to catch 'em all. It became the most downloaded app on the Apple App Store of any app in its first week of release. The game had people roaming around in the real world attempting to find and capture Pokemon. 

2004, Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry named North Carolina Senator John Edwards as his running mate during a formal announcement at a rally in Pittsburgh. 

1995, the prosecution rested at the O.J. Simpson murder trial in Los Angeles.

1994 "Forest Gump" starring Tom Hanks was released in U.S. theaters.

1933, Baseball's first All-Star game was held in Chicago, Illinois. Babe Ruth hit his first All-Star Game home run.

1885, French scientist Louis Pasteur successfully tested an anti-rabies vaccine on a boy who had been bitten by an infected dog.

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