Is a Destroyed America the Result?

If you look at BLM critically, actually try to see where it all leads, the inevitable conclusion is nothing in America can withstand the purity demanded by the cancel culture.Who among us is without sin?Grab your stone and begin throwing!But, the stone throwers aren’t looking in a mirror before tossing those rocks.Everything in society must be toppled if it can’t meet the exacting standards of “never good enough.”Even things once heralded as great advancement are given the what-for as not good enough.The play and weekend release of Hamilton on Disney+ brought the crowd to a fever pitch.BLM and like groups are beginning to snatch defeat from the jaws of what could have been significant victory.IN A HANDBASKET will give us the example of professional sport.

The political season in Brevard began in earnest on Friday as the RLC and cooperating groups held their election season Hob Nob.Meaningful or not as far as results go, the event marks the climb to Election Day as far as the general public goes.A win may not mean a lot, but a loss can be devastating.But this is not an exact science and the voters will have the final say.

The county commission is looking to reunite with the public for the first time since social distancing rules kept them apart.It could happen as soon as tomorrow.

The now revolving door at the Palm Bay City Manager’s office is about to be spinning like a fan.The problem the mayor and a council member or two created is not getting better any time soon.

Brevard schools have an issue with discipline.It doesn’t work.Since we’re reversing all the things in culture that folks don’t like, maybe it’s time to bring the paddle back into play.

One for Royce and Shooting Straight- if you’re going to have a firearm and carry it, you’d best learn the principles of self defense and when and why to engage.


Now “Hamilton” is a problem…not woke enough

In a Handbasket:

·How Colin Kaepernick killed nearly all pro sports

Hob Nob launches campaigns in earnest

Brevard commission back to open with public

Revolving door at PB City Manager office- the monster the mayor created

BPS looks at discipline- you can’t get respect not taught at home

If you’re going to carry, understand how

Allow protests?- can’t stop church

Federal Judge Hinkle slows his roll on mail ballots

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