With anarchy the latest fad in democratically controlled regions the left continues to vilify President Trump, or try to.As we open our day we’ll get a look at how this man they believe is evil and compare his reaction to those of the leaders of strife ravaged Seattle.

IN A HANDBASKET we’ll see why leaders in the home of the Confederacy, Richmond, VA, are taking down statues of confederate leaders.It’s the same reason government does anything.

The Shame Game is played heavily in our country right now.If you don’t comply with the will of the mob you’re shamed publicly as if that will force your attitude to change.We shame people for believing and stating the truth, for not believing the lies of whatever the PC cause of the day happens to be and even for defending themselves when under attack by violent mobs.But not everyone is buying in…

Even if for different reasons, the NY Times has highlighted black people saying they need guns in America.They aren’t wrong and there’s some history noted as justification.

In our final hour of this holiday edition Representative Tyler Sirois will join us to talk the newly signed state budget and other legislative issues.



That EVIL president did this

In a Handbasket:

·REMOVING STATUES- for your own good?

Truth Shaming- and it’s working because we allow it

Gun Shaming- ignoring the real crimes

Black Americans- need a gun in America

New budget, over 100 laws now in play

State workers get raise in state budget

Revolving door at PB City Manager office- the monster the mayor created

Lone Ranger Lober sticks to his mask guns

BPS looks at discipline- you can’t get respect not taught at home

Allow protests?- can’t stop church

Federal Judge Hinkle slows his roll on mail ballots

Lober just can’t shut up and govern

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