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Pence Confident About RNC Plans

(Jacksonville, FL) -- It doesn't look like the coronavirus will stop President Trump from coming to Jacksonville. Major parts of the Republican National Convention, including the president's speech, are set for next month at VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena. Vice President Mike Pence yesterday said the GOP is excited about coming to Jacksonville and officials have sophisticated plans to ensure a safe, healthy environment. Florida Democratic Party Chair Terrie Rizzo says it's reckless to hold the convention without requiring masks or social distancing.

Orange County Sheriff To Review Use Of Force Policy

(Orlando, FL) -- Orange County residents are being asked to suggest changes in how deputies do their jobs. Sheriff John Mina yesterday asked the Citizens Advisory Committee to review the use-of-force policy. Mina says it's sometimes necessary to change tactics, and it's very important the community has input into those changes. 

OPD Union Criticizes Chief

(Orlando, FL) -- Orlando's police chief is accused of not having his officers' backs. A police union survey released yesterday shows more than 80 percent of officers don't believe Chief Orlando Rolon would support them if they faced public criticism for their actions. In a written comment, one officer asks why Rolon takes a knee with protesters but refuses to stand with cops. Rolon says it's his responsibility to balance the needs of officers with those of the public. 

ACLU Files Complaint Against Tampa Police

(Tampa, FL) -- Tampa Police are accused of causing a woman substantial emotional distress. That's the claim the ACLU made in a letter yesterday to State Attorney Andrew Warren over last month's incident involving Joneshia Wilkerson. The 23-year-old black woman was pulled over during a stolen car investigation, and video of the incident shows a white officer pulling out a gun. Even though Wilkerson wasn't arrested, police released her personal info along with body-cam video on YouTube.The ACLU says that led to Wilkerson being harassed.

Couple's Fight Leads To Lottery Win

(Roanoke, VA) -- A Virginia woman is a lottery winner thanks to a fight with her boyfriend. Chyanne Creel from Roanoke told Lottery officials she and her boyfriend bought a couple of Lucky 7s Tripler tickets while out on a drive to cool off after their fight. While driving home, they discovered one of the tickets was the top prize of 177-thousand-777-dollars. They turned right around and cashed the prize.


1945, a passenger car rolled off the assembly line at the Ford Motor Company plant in Detroit, Michigan, for the first time in three years. Automobile production had stopped because of World War Two.

1878, John Wise of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, was the pilot for the first flight of a dirigible.

1863, the Civil War Battle of Gettysburg ended with the Northern troops forced Confederate soldiers to retreat. 

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