A couple of this week’s MICKnuggets make our INSIDER COLUMN for this week.What the country is experiencing can be baffling.These hit the highlights.

06.29-20- The Night They Drove Ole Dixie Down

The virtue signaling as corporate America reacts to the social justice warriors (who are just as prone to ignore history as they are to tear down statues of people who fought for their cause) has gone too far.

First off, the issues are being driven by emotion rather than any basis in fact.Then, there is the idea that these corporations can’t win when they enter the emotion driven arena.

Corporations have one job- to be profitable by providing goods and services that are in demand.Weighing in on any side of a debate unrelated to their business is a losing proposition.

Winn-Dixie says they’ll consider dropping the Dixie portion of their moniker because of the ties of the name to the Confederacy. The chain got the name when they bought another chain to enlarge their market presence.

Winn-Dixie would be ahead to worry about Publix and Walmart and how to improve service instead of playing stupid name games.

06.30.20- Not Woke Enough: Lincoln & “The Golden Girls” hit by Cancel Culture

It’s nearly unbelievable these days; the acts of the cancel culture as dismantling of historic monuments and treasured television shows is the latest way to show how “woke” America isn’t.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison’s black student union is demanding the removal of a campus statue of President Lincoln because, even though he was the “Great Emancipator,” he had racism in his past.

That he freed the slaves and persecuted the Civil War is of no consequence.There is no forgiveness or redemption from your racist sin- ever.

Then in an abundance of political correctness an episode of “The Golden Girls” was pulled from Hulu as two of the gals wore mud facial masks in an episode that addressed spring/fall interracial marriage.

We used to be able to laugh as we examined social issues.Now, apparently, all we can do is cry.

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