Cops and Culture- there and here

Beyond being glad we aren’t in New York City, we should be very glad we are in Florida.While NYC is slashing its police budget by $1B, law enforcement in much of our state is standing tall.

IN A HANDBASKET we look at another example of erasing history.This one will take a huge eraser.

In Seattle the occupation formerly known as CHAZ is no more.Seattle PD moved in and dismantled the CHOP under orders from the mayor who supported “the summer of love.”

The country is seeing record gun sales and given events such as those in Seattle and St. Louis, that’s probably a good thing.

Here in Brevard our Lone Ranger County Commission chair is sticking to his guns on the failed mask mandate. Brevard’s schools are disciplining at a high rate, but now questions the effectiveness of the program.

It’s political season and several Republicans are facing primary opponents.Florida Today’s Isadora Rangel joins us at 8am to talk the politics and campaign season ahead.



NYC slashes cops by $1B

Not in this FL county

In a Handbasket:

·Erasing history-where does it stop?

CHOP is a memory…and a warning

Record gun sales- probably a good thing

Black civil rights attorney: BLM doesn’t speak for black America

Lone Ranger Lober sticks to his mask guns

BPS looks at discipline- you can’t get respect not taught at home

New budget, over 100 laws now in play

Allow protests?- can’t stop church

Federal Judge Hinkle slows his roll on mail ballots

Brevard’s gun violence task force

Lober just can’t shut up and govern

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