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Child Hurt In Brevard County Shooting

(Palm Bay, FL) -- A child is hurt after a shooting in Brevard County. It happened last night in Palm Bay in a home on Washington Street Northeast, but no details were released. The ten-year-old girl is in critical condition. No arrest has been announced, and police are investigating. 

Orange County Lawyer Predicts Homelessness Pandemic

(Orlando, FL) -- An Orange County lawyer believes we could be on the brink of a pandemic of homelessness. Attorney Jay Mobley works with the Legal Aid Society of the Orange County Bar Association, and he expects to see a flood of homeless people once an eviction moratorium is lifted. Governor Ron DeSantis extended that moratorium yesterday until August First. Landlords in Orange County have filed for about 200 evictions that are now on hold, and Mobley tells the Orlando Sentinel that number could reach into the thousands by the time the moratorium expires. 

Kriseman Blasts Pinellas County Commissioner

(St. Petersburg, FL) -- A Pinellas County commissioner is accused of what St. Petersburg's mayor calls shameful behavior. Mayor Rick Kriseman yesterday criticized County Commissioner Kathleen Peters after she took issue with the background a colleague was using in a Zoom meeting. Commissioner Ken Welch had a Black Lives Matter mural in his background, but Peters says that violates the rules for such meetings. Kriseman tweeted that Peters is clearly out of step with her constituents, and Welch tells 8 On Your Side he has no plans to remove the background.

Broward School Board Requires Students To Wear Masks

(Fort Lauderdale, FL) -- Back-to-school supplies will have to include masks for students in Broward County. The school board met yesterday and decided to require masks outside the classroom for students and teachers. Kindergarteners will be exempt, though. District officials are still considering how to accommodate students who will return to class and those who would prefer to learn at home. 

Miami-Dade Bans Lap Dances

(Miami, FL) -- Exotic dancers won't be able to get as close to their customers in Miami-Dade County. The mayor's office announced last night that lap dances will be banned. The Miami Herald reports the announcement came after Mayor Carlos Ginemez said he wasn't aware they were still allowed. 

UCLA Scientists Make Glove To Translate ASL In Real Time

(Los Angeles, CA) -- A team of scientists at UCLA has a new glove that translates sign language into spoken language in real time. The team said the glove contains sensors that can identify each letter, word, or phrase in A-S-L and transmits them wirelessly to a smart phone app and can translate at a rate of one word per second. The project's lead researcher said there's also option sensors that attach to the user's face to measure facial expressions used in sign language. She said she's hopeful because these products are lightweight, as previous attempts were too large or bulky for practical use. 

Google Adds Dinosaurs to Augmented Reality Zoo of Animals

(Undated) -- Google is allowing imaginations to take off by showing what it would look like if dinosaurs roamed the Earth -- today. The company has added ten augmented reality dinos, including the T-Rex, Velociraptor, Triceratops, Stegosaurus, and others, to its search. Alphabet Inc. began adding animals, such as cats, scorpions, and tigers, to A-R last year. Such phones with iOS 11 and up are able to see the prehistoric beasts.


1997, boxer Mike Tyson was suspended by the Nevada Athletic Commission for biting Evander Holyfield during a boxing match.

1980, McGruff The Crime Dog and "Take A Bite Out Of Crime" ad campaign began.

1979, the U.S. Treasury Department introduced the Susan B. Anthony dollar.

1941, Bulova Watch Company sponsored the first television commercial. "Bulova Watch Time" was broadcast over WNBT Television in New York City before a baseball game between the Brooklyn Dodgers and the Philadelphia Phillies.

1847, the first adhesive postage stamps went on sale.

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