Lincoln Wasn’t Woke Enough

Changing attitudes and beliefs are tracked in our daily RESEARCH & REALITY update.These fleeting often emotional reactions give us a glimpse at why the world is as it is today.One example is college students in Wisconsin wanting a Lincoln statue removed.Apparently Abraham Lincoln wasn’t woke enough.

IN A HANDBASKET is back on Cancel Culture bring way over the top as it goes after a beloved TV comedy.

Now, defending your home and family makes you the bad guy.

Government is assisting in society’s failure as a pair of Minneapolis bars are told by the city they are on their own when it comes to combating violence in the streets.

Brevard County has issued an employee mask order ahead of today’s County Commission meeting discussing an ordinance to require them for everyone.There are so many holes in the order that the measure is self-defeating.That hasn’t stopped Florida Today from being all in for the heavy handed tactic.Who knew the paper and the Commission Chair had so much in common?So, is the mask idea a partisan one?Given time we’ll get into that discussion today.

SpaceX has a rocket launch scheduled for just before 4pm this afternoon.If it goes, WMMB will be here with coverage.

The governor has signed the state budget that begins this week.Representative Tyler Sirois will join us Friday at 8 to break it down for us.



Lincoln wasn’t woke enough

In a Handbasket:

·Cancel Culture Over the Top

Defending your home makes you the bad guy

Government fostering society’s failure

County issues meaningless mask order for employees

Florida Today all in for masks

So it’s partisan or not?

Launch scheduled for 3:56pm today

Allow protests?- can’t stop church

Federal Judge Hinkle slows his roll on mail ballots

Brevard’s gun violence task force

Lober just can’t shut up and govern

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