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Everyone is asking of 2020- What’s next?It appears virtue signaling, or coming into compliance with mob requests to not having their feelings hurt, is one thing.Masks and the fear or shame attached thereto is also in the mix.There are also protests and the resulting riots and how our governments handle them, depending on the elected leadership.

In Brevard the chairman of the County Commission is aggressively pushing mandatory masks.Fortunately, the rest of the commission is not as heavy handed.The commission will discuss the idea tomorrow.That’s not holding back the county staff, though.They are all in on a marketing campaign to urge mask wearing no matter what the commission decides.And that’s the big problem with government:the entrenched bureaucrats act with impunity while elected officials have not even decided policy.As of Friday the state stopped alcohol service in bars, but not restaurants.A federal judge in Tallahassee has fallen ill, or something.Robert Hinkle did not cave to demands to extend mail balloting in the state.He’s been on the side of wrecking Florida election law in his previous decisions.

In Oklahoma a prosecutor is charging rioters with terrorism while making the point that Oklahoma is not Seattle.And as far as protests go, a federal court has ruled that if you are allowing protests- stopping church is a no-no.It’s about time.

So, as we consider the county discussion tomorrow, are YOU that masked man?



In a Handbasket:

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